DMV in Morrisville NC

DMV offices are a place many people dread visiting, especially if there is a long line. The Department of Motor Vehicles may not be on top of your list of places to call, but these offices provide necessary services you will likely need many times throughout your life, especially if you need license plates, identification cards, or successful completion of a road test. 

Services Available From Morrisville DMV Offices

DMV offices are available in all North Carolina counties. When you need DMV office services, you must visit your county office to ensure you get the services you require. The following information offers services available at most DMV office locations

1. Original Driver’s License

Whether you are new to the state or have never obtained a driver’s license or CDL, a DMV office is your first stop. Here, you can apply for a permit and take the written test or apply for your license and take the behind-the-wheel test. 

Once you receive your license, remember to keep your vehicle registration and other vehicle-related services up to date. You can visit your local DMV’s website to learn more about what services they offer and their documentation requirements.

2. Permit Testing

In the state of North Carolina, you must pass a computerized permit test before being granted a permit. As of now, the test for permits has 40 questions. 

3. Driver’s License Renewal

Driver’s licenses eventually expire, regardless of the city or location where they were acquired. Drivers between the ages of 18 to 65 receive a license for eight years, while those over 65 will have a five-year license. Once a driver’s license expires, it must be renewed at the DMV office. The services offered at most DMV locations include vehicle registration in addition to typical license renewal services.

4. Change of Name or Address

When someone gets married, changes their name, or moves, they need to visit their local DMV office to get the information changed on their driver’s license. It is against the law to neglect these changes, so schedule an appointment right away for these services. 

Search DMV Offices for Your Real ID

If you need to visit a DMV office or location in your city for an NC Real ID, you must learn about the following requirements to be prepared. As you search DMV offices, prepare to bring these with you.

  • One document that states your full name and address
  • One document with your full name and social security number
  • Two documents that prove your physical address
  • Non-U.S. citizens must have documents with their full name and legal status 
  • When applicable, one or more documents that prove a name change

DMV Offices in the Morrisville, NC Area

1. North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

1387 SE Maynard Rd

Cary, NC 27511

Phone: (919) 715-7000

2. N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles

3825 S Roxboro St

Durham, NC 27713

Phone: (919) 560-3378

3. NCDMV Driver License Office

3231 Avent Ferry Rd

Raleigh, NC 27606

Phone: (919) 816-9128

4. NC DMV Driver License & Registration

4121 New Bern Ave

Raleigh, NC 27610

Phone: (919) 715-7000

5. DMV

2431 Spring Forest Rd #101

Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: (919) 855-6877